Design, manufacture & installation of technically superior and aesthetically unique awnings, pergolas, sun screens and tents in Lebanon.

Who we are?

  • Qualified Technicians, Tailors, Architects, Metal Structure and Electrical Engineers
  • Pioneered the process for manufacturing: Awnings, Blinds, Umbrellas, Shutters, Sun Screen, Sun Shade, Black Out, RollUp, Bamboo, Pergola,…
  • Our custom made awnings, designed, manufactured and installed by our experienced staff exceed the requirements of our discerning clientele:
    1. Exceptional service
    2. Quality components
    3. Prompt installation

  • Quality components:

    Our offers are based on a wide collection of products imported from distinguished international suppliers, all of whom have worldwide reputation for superior quality and reliability: Dickson - Somfy - Mitjavila - Gaviotta - Sattler - Recasens - Mehler - Copaco

    Our customers' satisfaction is our biggest asset. Combining traditional with modern. Beyond the market standards. KAPRIX S.A.R.L. Get the french elegance. Kaprix covers the sun. Creativity is the key. Your comfort, our passion.

    They trust us:

    Almaza Chopsticks Spinney's Edde Sands Cafe Abi Nasr
    Chateau Raphael Ksar Restaurant To tango Babel Restaurant Hugo Boss
    Aviator Style Rimal Sultan Sweets Al Sharq Sweets Linzi
    Villa Fakih Villa Houssein Villa Dominique Fayad Republic Restaurant Speedo
    Karam Restaurant Yessayan Jewelry Hildon Hotel La Plaza Hotel Zeitouni Bay

    Briefly, over 1 000 installations distributed across Lebanon and South Africa.

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