Why you need a Pergola?

Pergola Kit Lebanon

Pergola Kits Lebanon

A Pergola is a garden feature that forms either a shaded walkway, a pillared passageway or a sitting area. It makes your property beautiful while at the same time providing other benefits. There are different sizes of pergolas that you could choose to have, depending on your preference. The sizes vary from the small path coverings to large ones that can be attached to property.

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Materials used in Making Pergolas

While Pergolas were in existence as early as the 16th Century, there is a significant difference in design between the early and modern Pergolas. While the ancient ones were made from brick and stone pillars, modern pergola materials include wood, aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl and chlorinated polyvinyl chloride.

With this kind of variety, it is possible to choose the type of material that you want and have professionals constructing it for you and enjoy a great number of benefits such as:

Pergola Kit Lebanon

Provision of Shade

Pergolas can provide an excellent shade and protection from direct rays of the sun during a sunny day and from rain on a rainy one. Keeping the sun’s rays off your head especially important if you live in the tropics where direct sun rays may be experienced throughout the year. Even for those living away from the tropics, pergolas are equally important, especially during summer.

Sometimes you may feel like you need to sit outside the house and enjoy the open atmosphere. To ensure that such valued moments are not disrupted by rain, all you need is a pergola. Today, pergolas are used to provide shaded pathways and entrances into buildings or leisure gardens. Such paths may connect one building to another so that when moving in between the two buildings, you walk under a shade without having to carry an umbrella during when it’s raining.

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Beautification of Property

A compound or a garden with a pergola looks more beautiful, stylish and appealing to the eye than one with none. A beautiful environment gives a feeling of relaxation and satisfaction to both the occupants and visitors. Indeed, a property with a pergola is eye-catching because they create visual interest especially when erected in a home where flowers and vines have been grown. The plants grow up and over the rafters and then down the posts. Planters and other design elements can also be added to a pergola to make it even more beautiful.

Every person would want to have just one more look at the property. As the owner, nothing would be more satisfying than knowing that your home is admirable. It even boosts your confidence and status among your peers. Moreover, beauty and value go hand in hand. If you decide to sell or mortgage your property, it will be valued much higher than one that does not have a pergola.

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Choosing the Amount of Sunlight or Shade

Unlike with the patio roof, it is possible to determine the amount of shade or the sunshine that one you want to get. To do this, you need to consider the area where they wish to construct the pergola, take into account the season and the angle at which the sun shines at different times of day and then position the rafters so as to provide the desired effect. Remember that setting or constructing a pergola requires some expertise and if you are not an expert, you may not be the best person to do so.

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Serves great more purposes

While this article may not go through all the benefits and uses of pergolas one by one, it is significant to just list a few other uses which include the provision of shade for vehicles to protect them from rain and sunlight both of which would have a negative impact on them, covering decks, covering patios, protecting barbecues or outdoor dining areas, covering hot tubs and adorning a garden or provision of a classy resting area next to swimming a pool.

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Availability of different construction models

Some pergolas are attached to a house while others are stand-alone depending on one’s preference and financial capability. Pergolas that are intended to form part of an entrance into a building may not have to stand alone because they form part and parcel of the building. However, those that are constructed some distance away from a building have to stand alone.

Stand-alone pergolas are more expensive than those attached to a building because they require more pillars than the ones connected to a building. Similarly, a pergola with a solid roof costs more than one with a retractable roof or no roof at all. However, of all the types of pergolas, the arched ones are the most beautiful though the most expensive too. The fact that most people can enjoy the beauty and comfort of a pergola without being prevented by their financial circumstances is quite satisfying.

Pergolas from Kaprix

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